Welcome to Majin

The Premiere Anime PFP focused on building an ecosystem of Idle games and events to reward holders through interactive forms of progression.

The Team


The Art

From the great mind of GoldenDogAki we have created a stunning anime themed PFP collection. Inspired by djinns and their mystical ability to reshape the world around them as well as granting wishes to those that are worthy, Majin aims to create an immersive world of idle games and art.

Our Products

Jin Bot
Jin bot is an interactive discord bot that allows users to gain points through chatting as well as by attacking other players through a PVP system. Use said points to grant wishes in the discord.
Winding Willows
Spend points in our custom rewards platform to progress through the Winding Willows (Free or Premium Tiers) to earn rewards.
The Candy Shop
Spend candy, chocolate bars, or lootbox coupons earned from the Winding Willows and Grem's Gluttony at the candy shop to redeem loot boxes filled with SOL, NFTs, and other rewards.
Grem's Gluttony
Grem is our hungry mascot in the world of Majin and has a chance at dropping loot coupons to those that feed him candy.
Grem's Adventures
An Idle tamagotchi x pokemon style game. Send your Grem to different islands to earn rewards through a plethora of missions.