Jin Bot

A comprehensive guide to Jin Bot. A custom discord bot that we will offer as a white label service to other projects and communities.

Wish System

Discord members are able to use the wish system through /commands in the discord to grant wishes
Types of wishes:
  • Wish for WL role
  • Wish to remove WL role
  • Wish to give Lost Soul role (verified role)
Once the WL limit has been reached members remove WL from another person to free up a spot so they can wish the WL role onto themselves. This creates a degen environment where those that are active and engaged are properly rewarded. Frequent point stimulus giveaways through collabs, games,events, or raiding tweets are rewarded to lessen the need to grind.

Points System

Discord members are able to earn points by chatting and a PVP system. Chatting has an hourly and daily limit to combat potential botting.
The PVP system allows any user to to attack a specified member using the "/attack" command. They are then given a prompt which shows the percent chance at winning, points risked, and potential points gained.


Potions are available in the shop to purchase with points which have a variety of uses.
  • Attack Potion - increases attack stat
  • Defense Potion - increases defense stat
  • Point Potion - gives a boost to points gained from chatting per message
  • WL Defense Potion - Protects from the removal of the WL role for one instance

Bank and Heist system

Members are able to store points gained in their bank to safeguard them from being stolen in attacks by using the "/bank command". Points are then able to be withdrawn or stolen through a high risk high reward heist system.