The Candy Shop

Cash in your Candy here to purchase loot boxes filed with SOL,NFTs, and other in ecosystem rewards.

Loot Boxes

Loot Boxes will come in varying rarities (Common, Rare, Mythical) resulting in increasing value of the prizes you can obtain from them. The cost of the loot box scales with the rarity.
Types of Loot Boxes
  • SOL Box - contains a random amount of Solana
  • NFT Box - contains a random NFT
  • WL/Presale Box - will contain WL and presale opportunities
  • Ecosystem Rewards Box - contains future idle game and event rewards/items


  • Candy - A free currency earned by progressing through the Winding Willows that can be used to purchase common loot boxes or to feed Grem in Grem's Gluttony.
  • Chocolate Bars - A currency purchasable in the shop that is used to feed Grem in Grem's Gluttony.
  • Common/Rare/Mythic Vouchers - Vouchers earned from Winding Willows or Grem's Gluttony that are able to be redeemed for their respective loot boxes. (Rare coupons earned in Premium Winding Willows and Grem's Gluttony only. Mythic Vouchers only earned in Grem's Gluttony Frenzy)
  • Candy Fish - Non-holders and holders are able to purchase candy fish in the shop for SOL to participate in Grem's Gluttony.