Grem's Gluttony

Grem is a very hungry fellow and must be fed precious candy to be satiated. If you please him he will reward you with Chocolate bars or loot box vouchers to redeem loot boxes in the Candy Shop.

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Feeding Grem

Grem can only be fed Candy (earned in the Winding Willows) or Fish Candy which is able to be purchased using SOL from the Candy Shop. To feed Grem you need at least one piece of candy and some SOL to cover transaction costs, once fed he will either spit out a reward or demand to be fed more candy.

Gluttony Meter

Feeding Grem Candy slowly fills up a universal meter for all to see. Once the meter is filled up fully Grem goes into a frenzy for candy as a timer ticks down. Any person that feeds Grem candy or fish candy before the timer is over gains a chance to win their share of a Jackpot Prize. The Jackpot prize will consist of mythical vouchers redeemable in the Candy Shop for mythical loot boxes containing large amounts of SOL, blue chip NFTs, and other rewards.